How to Innovate

Business Creathon




Human centric innovation

how do we create real value for real people?



To create real value for people, we need to build our empathy muscles and really try and understand their needs, motivations, barriers and pains. If we take this as a starting point to develop solutions, products and services, our chances increase that our offers will not only be accepted but will really delight our target audiences.


Key Learnings

  • How we can use the principles of Design Thinking to develop new offerings based on what people really need and want
  • Tools & methods that help us to understand our target group holistically and to tailor a value proposition to their specific needs
  • Tools & methods that help us to collaborate in the group, develop ideas together and make them visual and tangible


What’s in for me

  • Learn and apply user-centered Design Thinking methods
  • Self-reflection & empathy: do I really think from the user and how can I increase my empathy for my target group
  • Learn and apply new tools for virtual collaboration and idea development


Stefanie Knoren

Digital Transformation | Service & Business Design | Brand Marketing I Product Leadership
net4tec global ambassador